Tote bag éco-responsable  Frantz Fanon - couleur blanc
  • Tote bag éco-responsable  Frantz Fanon - couleur blanc
  • Tote bag écologique Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon I Le Tote Bag Eco

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A creation of the artist Marie-Claire Laffaire

Matière : 80% coton biologique filé et peigné, 20% polyester recyclé

Grammage : 300 G/M²


Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) Martinique

Cultural disalienation's theorist, Frantz Fanon is a French psychiatrist and essayist born in Martinique and involved in the fight for the independence of Algeria. Director of the Blida Psychiatric Hospital in Algeria, Frantz Fanon used to treat torturers and victims of a colonial system that he sees as “pyramidal” and inherently racist. He denounces the psychological violence (personal denigration, acculturation, barbarism, hatred of the other,...) generated by relations of domination of yesterday and today.

Tote Bag

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Les créations
Frantz Fanon | Psychiatre
Les artistes
Marie-Claire Laffaire

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